Brew Method

Thrive Farmers have some excellent brewing videos. Watch our friends demonstrate how utilizing the right combination of water, time, grind and equipment will help you achieve the best results with your EÔTÉ COFFEE.

CHEMEX                                                                              V60
FRENCH PRESS                                                              AEROPRESS
CLEVER DRIPPER                                                         BONAVITA 8 CUP


Start Clean. The cleanliness of your coffee pot affects the taste of your coffee, so make sure it is clean.

Use Fresh Coffee Beans. These will yield the best flavor. Ideally, you want to purchase only enough beans to last 1 to 2 weeks.
Use Pure Water. Coffee is 98.5% water. Use clean, filtered water that is free of odors and chemicals.

Grind Your Own Coffee. There are two kinds of grinders: Blade and Burr. The Burr grinder is strongly preferred. Grind your beans right before brewing. This maximizes flavor.
Prepare Your Coffee Filter. For optimal taste, use white (oxygen bleached) filters for brewing your cup. Unbleached filters can give a strong paper or cardboard flavor to coffee. Rinsing the filter first with hot water can help to eliminate possible paper taste.

Use the Correct Ratio. The right ratio of coffee to water is the secret to full bodied, good tasting coffee. Generally, the recommended ratio is 1 oz of coffee to 16 oz of water (or 1g of coffee to 16g water).

Know Your Technique. Coffee makers come in many different forms. Please view our brewing guide videos from our friends at Thrive Farmers for proper instruction on your favorite method.

Enjoy Your Coffee Immediately. A warmed cup holds the temperature longer or use an insulated cup.

Your Garden Loves Coffee, too! Your coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, so mix them into the soil, or spread them out as a snail barrier, or mix with a bucket of water and steep to make a liquid fertilizer for potted plants.