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ALTITUDE:1,450- 1,650m
VARIETIES: Typica, Catuai, Caturra

FARMER: Franco Garbanzo Estate
NOTES: Light bodied, nutty and mild with notes of spice, dried fruit and citrus.
PROCESS: Yellow Honey
ROAST: Dark Roast

Farmer’s favorite way to drink a cup of coffee?

Franco Garbanzo: “I love drinking coffee, especially with my family and with my friends. When I’m drinking, I remember all the work behind that cup of coffee.”


Franco Garbanzo, by his own admission, was born into coffee. For 42 years, he has been a coffee farmer, inheriting his farmland from his father. His father, who worked for the former Costa Rican president Don Pepe a, bought the coffee farm from Don Pepe and began the farming tradition in the Garbanzo family. 

“We joined 15 small farmers and founded AGRIVID, where we learned the true value of coffee and all the processes,” Franco said. Since then, Franco has been processing coffee in his home, where he can exert more quality control. Because Franco processes his coffee at his home, he’s able to meticulously oversee the agricultural practices as well, using almost solely organic and environmentally friendly practices such as composting and traps to catch broca.

Passing his farm and passion for coffee on to his kids is a dream of his, as is producing consistent quality year after year that attracts permanent buyers. Quality and permanent relationships, Franco said, will ensure stability for him and his family business for years to come.