The Heart of EÔTÉ

 Founded in 2012, EÔTÉ Coffee is a small-batch, craft coffee roaster located in the heart of Oklahoma City. Born out of a passion for connecting people and building relationships, founder and chief coffee officer, J. Todd Vinson, began his Oklahoma-based coffee company from the garage of his then Chandler, Oklahoma home. E-Ô-TÉ [Eee-oh-tay]

At EÔTÉ, we know that some of the world’s best coffee comes from some of the hardest to reach places. We go to the Ends Of The Earth to source the best coffee beans, whether it’s the small, landlocked country of Burundi in Central Africa, or in the mountains of Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

At EÔTÉ, we know it begins and ends with the bean, in between is the roast. The roasting process at EÔTÉ brings out the best in each origin and highlights the unique character, flavor and personality of each coffee. Built by Oklahoma City-based US Roaster Corporation, EÔTÉ’s beans are roasted in two custom built coffee roasters, fondly named Big Red and Little Red.

At EÔTÉ, we know that serving up a great cup of coffee takes time. We will go to the Ends Of The Earth to educate our customers on how to brew the best cup of EÔTÉ coffee because we know it’s no longer just about the kind of coffee you want, but how you want the coffee made – pour over, French press, cold brew and other methods.

At EÔTÉ, our most meaningful conversations have occurred over a great cup of coffee. Some of those conversations served as the fuel that inspired our life-long, Ends-Of-The-Earth passion of investing in the lives of children in crisis. From the beginning, we have donated a portion of our proceeds to a variety of local and international family causes, such as the Willow Springs Boys Ranch in Chandler, Oklahoma and a handful of programs in the countries we source our beans.

At EÔTÉ, we engage in farmer-direct trade, a model that allows large and small coffee farms to bring their crops to market where they maintain more control over their coffee and higher profits when they sell to a coffee wholesaler such as EÔTÉ.

At EÔTÉ, we go to the Ends of the Earth.
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